füdi is Toronto's first frozen food company with a conscience and is redefining what it means to prepare a gourmet meal in less than 30 minutes. Saving us from the frozen food horror show of dangerously high sodium levels, gmo riddled food fillers, too small for comfort portions and all the repercussions mentally and physically that come from eating such poisons, füdi is the solution for those who find themselves needing to choose between health and convenience. Inside these little black bags is a full meal: organic baby kale and barely alongside, hormone and antibiotic free chicken marinated in a diverse array of spices, wrapped in BPA-free packaging that cooks sous-vide style. What is sous-vide you may be asking? Well, it is this revolutionary process that seals in the food's freshness, vitamins, and minerals otherwise lost during conventional heating up processes. 95% of füdi's ingredients come from Ontario. Plus, being partnered with ethical and organic companies like Beretta Farms, Burnac Produce, and Ottawa Valley Grain, not only can you pronounce all the ingredients on a füdi ingredient label (*hallelujah*), you can also feel good about the quick meal prep without any of the guilt! There are no preservatives, hormones, strange chemical compounds, or five headed chickens anywhere near these heavenly stuffed bags.

Our Green Commitment

füdi's commitment to excellence extends well beyond its high-quality ingredients, into its sustainable production processes. füdi promises: - A factory, located in Brampton that is energy efficient and a zero waste facility - Water table friendly cleaning products - Products contained in 100% recyclable, polymer resin, BPA + food safe bags - Founder Maurizio Racco handles each ingredient with care and infuses with love to ensure once can taste and feel the füdi difference - Pressure cooked for up to 72 hours, the sous vide method extinguishes any risk of food borne illness like salmonella and e-coli.

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