Green and Frugal


Green and Frugal

Green & Frugal offers handcrafted natural products that are made in small batches and do not contain harmful preservatives, emulsifiers, fragrances, or dyes. Our ingredients are carefully researched to ensure that they are beneficial for your body and that they do not have a harmful impact on the environment, using organic ingredients when possible. We also hope to inspire others to make their own products by offering DIY recipes, teaching that you can be Green & Frugal.

Our Green Commitment

Our products are made with all natural ingredients and opt for suppliers who can provide sustainably sourced ingredients that are GMO-free. Are goal is to offer 100% organic body butters and face oils by 2018. We use packaging that can be reused, such as glass or aluminum containers, and labels that are made from recycled material. When our retail shop opens, we plan to offer a refund for returned packaging, and workshops to promote environmental awareness, such as building bee house with kids while teaching the importance of pollinators.

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