Regional Stormwater Management is a private stormwater management company. Our goal is to help educate homeowners on their current flood risk and to offer them expert advice on how to minimize or eliminate existing flood risks. We are most known for your Smart Stormwater Solutions, in particular: Flood Prevention Assessments Smart Backwater Valve Systems Smart Sump Pump Systems lot Grading Downspout Disconnection Waterproofing foundations Humidity management

Our Green Commitment

1. Disconnecting downspouts which greatly reduce the amount of stormwater entering the sewer system. It is also an important step in reducing the risk of basement flooding and releasing polluted rainwater into our local waterways. 2. Reduce the amount of stormwater being sent to Toronto's Wastewater Treatment Plant. 3.By eliminating as many sources of inflow as possible, homeowners are protecting their properties from possible sanitary sewer overflows, or sewer backups, and are helping to minimize cost for sewage treatment.

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Upgrade your backwater valve system to a smart fail-safe unit for Free.

Schedule a backwater valve installation and receive an upgrade to a fail-safe system which offers twice the reliability. Systems will also be upgraded to have a smart email and audible alarm/alert.

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Free Rain Garden with a sump pump and backwater valve installation.

We will design a rain garden to help manage water on your site and help bring back the natural beauty of plants and bees

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