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Waterwheel Farms

Waterwheel Farms uses aquaponics to grow & sell fresh, leafy greens year-round. Aquaponics is a highly efficient and sustainable method of farming where fish and plants grow together in a mutually beneficial ecosystem. The fish provide nutrients for the plants and the plants provide clean, filtered water for the fish. It’s a form of bio-mimicry and is not unlike the natural process found in lakes. Aquaponics has many social, economic, and environmental benefits which help address some of the modern challenges with food supply.

Our Green Commitment

Aquaponics is a sustainable method of farming that provides numerous environmental benefits. It uses 90-95% less water than conventional agriculture, does not use any pesticides or herbicides, has no toxic irrigation runoff, and has a smaller carbon footprint. Waterwheel Farms is also bullfrogpowered, which means even the electricity we use is powered by green, renewable energy.

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